Issue 11 and Volume 137.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Exacting Responsibility for Duties Performed in the Fire Service I have been a subscriber of this informative and interesting magazine for approximately 25 years and still look forward to my monthly subscription. The article by Lieutenant George Goldbach, “Management: Delegation of Responsibility,” published in the August 1984 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING was both interesting and informative. This subject is applicable to the public as well as the private sector. However, there are a few areas I wish to address. Lt. Goldbach’s first statement in the second paragraph states, “A major portion of planning is the delegation of responsibility.” A book entitled ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT by William B. Cornell, M.E., states that: “A person exercising authority should be held responsible for carrying on an activity only as he has authority over that activity.” An executive is responsible not only for his own actions but also for the…

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