Safety: Razor Ribbon, a Hidden Hazard

Issue 11 and Volume 137.

Safety: Razor Ribbon, a Hidden Hazard TRAINING NOTEBOOK As crime increases, so too does the demand for more and improved security systems; and with an increase in security comes an increase in firefighting problems. Expedient and safe firefighting operations have been hampered by rolldown security doors and roofs covered by metal plates. These devices have caused delayed discovery, exposures to backdraft, ventilation problems, and increased collapse potential. In addition to the usual criminal deterrents (roll-up metal doors, police vertical bar locks, static drop bars, etc.), firefighters have been finding, often at the expense of severe lacerations, razor ribbon (or razor wire) tucked away inside cocklofts, walls, behind rear entry doors, etc. Designed to provide increased security on top of fences and walls, razor ribbon is fabricated from a continuous coil of stainless steel wire .025 inch thick, 1 inch to IV4 inches wide. The stainless steel ribbon has a .096-inch…

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