Your Safety —Is It Legislated?

Issue 11 and Volume 137.

Your Safety —Is It Legislated? Volunteers Corner Toxic chemical spills requiring the evacuation of a building or possibly the shut down of service on a busy commuter railroad during the height of the rush hour are really no longer earthshaking, interest-grabbing readership items in a daily newspaper. Unfortunately, they have become rather commonplace. A fire or an explosion, especially when a hazardous substance is thrown about, may command a bit more notice. But after the flames die away, interest fades into indifference, an indifference nurtured by the daily demands made upon us by a fast moving world in which we must find our way. However, for a firefighter who may have inhaled or absorbed a carcinogenic substance at one of the quickly dismissed incidents, indifference may not be possible. Their lives may be changed forever. Things are different today A firefighter who is exposed to a cancer causing substance may…

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