The Model Incident Command System Series Firefighter Casualties (continued)

Issue 1 and Volume 138.

The Model Incident Command System Series Firefighter Casualties (continued) FEATURES STRATEGY AND TACTICS In this seventh article on the model incident command system, the authors conclude their discussion of fire-related injuries by focusing on the indicators of collapse and the value of a safety officer—particularly on the fireground. Structural collapse is the fourth leading cause of firefighter deaths, following stress, falls/ struck by objects, and exposure to fire products (see FIRE ENGINEERING, December 1984). There are texts, such as BUILDING CONSTRUCTION FOR THE FIRE SERVICE by F. L. Brannigan, that offer in-depth studies of building construction. These should be studied by all fire officers and firefighters. Many factors affect the fire resistance of buildings. No one can predict with total accuracy how an individual building will behave under fire conditions; however, the incident commander must possess a basic knowledge of the major problems associated with various types of buildings. He…

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