Advice on the Use of a MICROCOMPUTER System

Issue 2 and Volume 138.

Advice on the Use of a MICROCOMPUTER System COMPUTERS Ever hear of a “computer disaster”? Computer disasters are stories about people whose lives were ruined by a computer. A store owner, for example, may have had a successful business until the day a computer salesman walked through the door. Now, his computer system is inoperative, his records are fouled up, and the salesman’s telephone is disconnected. Unfortunately, anyone who invests in a computer system runs the risk of creating a computer disaster. While the risk can be minimized, it will never disappear. This is the fourth and final article in this series on microcomputers. In FIRE ENGINEERING’S October issue, we introduced you to microcomputer hardware. In November, we explained the various software available and their capabilities. In December, we offered hints on purchasing microcomputer software. This month, we’ll help you to disaster-proof your computer purchasing and use by dispelling some…

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