Control Flammable Liquid Fires by “Premixing”

Issue 2 and Volume 138.

Control Flammable Liquid Fires by “Premixing” HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Every firefighter faces the eventuality of a flammable liquid fire. Firefighters experienced in this type of fire and its suppression agree that the rapidity with which fire progresses in liquids is amazing. The intense Btu (British thermal unit) production signals to firefighters the importance of rapidly containing and extinguishing the fire. Improper initial actions will demand the cost of many long and hazardous hours at the incident. Well designed specialized flammable liquid suppression equipment is, of course, desirable, but unfortunately not affordable by many communities. Because flammable liquid fires are not a routine occurrence, emergency organizations, out of need, tend to specialize. An example of such specialization is aircraft fire suppression. Aircraft fire protection organizations are obviously prepared to attack and extinguish flammable liquid fires because they present the basis for much of the aircraft fire suppression needs. Structural fire suppression organizations,…

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