Carelessness Caused $10 Million New Jersey Fire

Issue 4 and Volume 138.

Carelessness Caused $10 Million New Jersey Fire FIRE REPORTS FEATURES Photo by Ron Jeffers Workers who were using 55gallon drums filled with burning trash to keep warm, sparked a spectacular fire that destroyed several buildings and damaged many others in the riverfront city of Hoboken, NJ. The demolition workers were using the burning drums because of strong winds and near freezing temperatures. They were in the process of tearing down a large wood frame warehouse when a fire began on the morning of January 15,1985. Hoboken is situated on the Hudson River opposite New York City. It is a densely populated metropolis of over 40,000 people in a one square mile area. Most buildings are closely spaced creating conditions that would allow a fire to escalate into a conflagration very quickly. The Hoboken Fire Department has an on-duty force of 26 firefighters operating four engine and two truck companies. The…

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