Tips for Better Training Programs

Issue 4 and Volume 138.

Tips for Better Training Programs DEPARTMENTS Training Notebook In many cases, fire service training has become institutionalized. Practices handed down over the years have become so well established that they are beyond tradition, but, although updated and dressed in contemporary costume, are “period” in every sense of the word. Is the training in your department institutionalized? Ask yourself the following seven questions: Is the lecture method used in 50% or more of your organized training? Does a whole company ever come up for training collectively? That is, do you ever present a training session to a group of fire service personnel before a determination is made if each individual actually requires the training? Are provisions made for constant feedback while training is underway? I don’t mean simply asking, “Any questions?” I mean a thoughtful pause in which an established respectful climate encourages an intellectual or emotional exchange. Are written evaluations…

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