Issue 6 and Volume 138.

Hydraulics FIRE SCIENCE Harnessing Our Laws of Nature A tmospheric pressure and hydrostatic liquid pressure are used for thousands of applications in our industrial world which is full of hydraulic pumps and systems. Pressure applied through liquids has a nature that is characterized as being smooth and even in the operation of valves, switches, and levers. Pressure applied to a confined liquid from without, and/or the creation of a negative pressure from within, permit what appears to be a miraculous creation or multiplication of energy in the form of a force that can be used to hold back or deliver liquids, draft, lift hundreds of pounds of steel, etc. It is hard to believe that much of what we daily encounter in fire service hydraulics is based upon principles explained hundreds of years ago. These natural laws were revelations of the wonderful ways that pressure can be transmitted and utilized—and…

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