Bravo, Commissioner Richmond!

Issue 6 and Volume 138.

Bravo, Commissioner Richmond! DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION The tragic events in Philadelphia, PA, on Monday, May 13,1985, have fallen to the scrutiny of Monday morning quarterbacks. A careful and thorough critique of decisions made and actions taken or not taken will prove valuable in handling similar incidents in the future. However, with the luxury of 20-20 hindsight, we must never forget one thing: In our profession, major decisions, in this case both life-saving and life-threatening, must be made and orders given within split seconds, based only on the real facts known to the incident commander at the moment. All residents surrounding the heavily fortified structure at 6221 Osage Avenue had been evacuated prior to the police moving in to evict MOVE, a radical group described by Philadelphia’s Mayor W. Wilson Goode as “urban guerrillas.” A letter from MOVE to Philadelphia officials, quoted in part, gives some indication of the situation: “The…

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