Care and life expectancy of contact lenses

Issue 7 and Volume 138.

Care and life expectancy of contact lenses By the nature of their physical makeup, contact lenses are delicate items. They can and will tear if not properly handled. However, with moderate care, contact lenses can last for a considerable time. The durability of these lenses is somewhat related to their individual water content. Traditionally, the high water contact lenses are more subject to shredding during removal or cleaning. Now, new developments with the high water content lenses have increased durability and the water content/lens thickness ratio is not as proportional as it was in the past. Extended wear lenses can be worn in the eyes anywhere from one week to thirty days. After this time, the lenses have to be removed for a simple cleaning operation. It has been found that in the firefighter’s case, regular cleaning, especially after every fire, should be done. As time wears on, so does…

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