Conjunctivitis and contact lenses

Issue 7 and Volume 138.

Conjunctivitis and contact lenses There are risks involved with wearing contact lenses for continuous periods of time. Three main problem signs are: Increased redness of the eyes. Blurring or decreased visual acuity. Discomfort or pain. If any one of these symptoms are experienced, the doctor should be informed immediately. People who wear contact lenses are prone to several forms of conjunctivitis, in particular, the conjunctivitis known as giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). Conjunctivitis is due to the contact lenses acting as a foreign body in the eyes. If these lenses are not fitted properly or cleaned correctly, they can cause this irksome disease. The best way to control GPC is by prevention. Some causes of GPC could be mechanical trauma to the upper lid during contact lens wear and/or repeated lid trauma due to blinking. Further irritation due to lens surface deposits, which can also involve an allergic response, leads to…

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