Fire doors with counterfeit UL labels being sold

Issue 7 and Volume 138.

Fire doors with counterfeit UL labels being sold Dispatches Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) has learned that fire doors with unauthorized counterfeit aluminum labels bearing UL’s registered trademark are being offered for sale in the United States. “These doors may fail to perform their fire containment function,” said a spokesman for UL. “We have examined a sample and found significant differences from suitable UL construction requirements.” The counterfeit label is attached to the fire doors with the words “Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Classified Composite Fire Door.” It does not include a manufacturer’s name or file number, as does the label on the authentic UL fire door. Additional wording on the suspect label includes a fire rating and maximum rated temperature rise. The validity of these ratings is doubtful and should be of concern to owners, inspection authorities, architects, and insurers. UL seeks information on any fire door suspected of bearing labels that…

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