Issue 7 and Volume 138.

TRAINING AIDS DEPARTMENTS Selecting and installing the right hose or tube assembly requires accurate measurement and identification of ports, threads, and connectors, which come in a wide variety of sizes and types. “How to Identify Fluid Connectors,” Aeroquip Bulletin 5963, describes the tools and methods used to identify end connectors around the world. American, German, and French metric, British and Japanese connectors are also included. The 36-page bulletin shows how to measure threads and sealing surface angles and to match these measurements with dash and/or thread size charts. For a free copy of this booklet, write to: Aeroquip Corp., 300 South East Ave., Jackson, MI 49203. Despite the considerable attention focused on hazardous materials management over the past years, one of the toughest areas to get information about is hazardous materials training. Where are the hazardous materials training courses and what do they offer? What should they offer? How do…

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