Safety Takes an Active Voice

Issue 7 and Volume 138.

Safety Takes an Active Voice DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION A firefighter ascends an aerial to the roof of a burning commercial building. The day and the fire look hot. The firefighter, feeling his roof operations will be exhaustive, left his turnout coat in the compartment of the apparatus. As he moves toward the top of the ladder, we see, from our vantage point, more than just the aggressive climber. A huge fireball bursts from the bowels of the structure, boils over the parapet, and engulfs the unaware firefighter. He is on fire. He stumbles. He tries to climb off the ladder, reacting to the pain. He regains some sense and discipline, turns, and continues to stagger. He is reaching toward aid at the ladder’s base. Still he burns. We view what we know is agonizing pain for what we feel is an eternity. CUT A crew of firefighters cross through a…

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