Protective Gear—A Suit for All Seasons

Issue 7 and Volume 138.

Protective Gear—A Suit for All Seasons DEPARTMENTS Volunteers Corner Safety. At almost every seminar you attend, time is set aside for this most important topic. Addressed either as a formal concern or incorporated into other subjects, the matter of safety sets some in the audience to nodding their heads and others to scribbling notes. But all too often the heads that nod are not in a position to make changes, and the notes that are scribbled get discarded when reaching the desks of those who can effect changes. What exactly is safety? The often heard response to this question is, “Returning to the fire station without injury.” Is this safety or just dumb luck? Only by looking at the overall attitude of the department can we find the real answer to this question. Safety, unfortunately, especially in the area of personal equipment, is becoming synonomous with expenditure; and this is…

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