Manage Multi-Casualty Incidents -Don’t Just Survive Them!

Issue 8 and Volume 138.

Manage Multi-Casualty Incidents -Don’t Just Survive Them! FEATURES DISASTER MANAGEMENT Photo by Brian Dixon Westwood Village, a complex of restaurants, stores, and movie theaters in the heart of the west side of Los Angeles, CA, draws crowds of thousands on weekend evenings. On July 27, 1984, the evening before the 1984 Olympic Games would open in Los Angeles, the village was especially alive with people of all nations. At 8:50 p.m., a report of a traffic accident in the Westwood Village was received by the Los Angeles City Fire Department dispatch center. The large crowd around the accident prevented the firstarriving rescue units from seeing the entire scope of the incident, and paramedics and firefighters thought they had an auto vs pedestrian situation at a bus bench with several injuries. However, citizens reported to emergency personnel that there were many others injured farther down the street. Additional ambulances and fire…

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