Issue 8 and Volume 138.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST DEPARTMENTS Portable radio Midland LMR has introduced a Syn-Tech portable 80-channel synthesized two-way belt-mounted FM radio. The new portable radio has a programmable E/PROM-controlled microprocessor, which permits users to match the portable’s capabilities to their exact system requirements. Among the functions controlled by the E/PROM are up to 80-channel frequencies, time-out timing, busy-channel lockout, coded-squelch tones, and the channel scan options. The radios can scan up to 64 channels in either of two groups with choice of priority and carrier. Circle No. 46 on Reader Service Card New harness for firefighters A new harness designed for the fire and rescue service has been introduced by Robertson Harness Synergy. With the addition of a large carabiner, this harness functions as a truckman’s ladder belt and is also an excellent rappelling harness, according to the manufacturer. It is a one-size-fits-all and can be worn either over or under turnouts. The…

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