Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

Issue 9 and Volume 138.

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks FEATURES HAZARDOUS MATERIALS The Problems of and Precautions to Take with L.U.S.T. Your alarm office receives a report of a gasoline odor in a detached, single-family residence on one of your quieter streets. As you enter the basement, the smell of gasoline is enough to knock you over. You order an immediate evacuation of the house and direct your firefighters to ventilate. The only gasoline in the home, a one-gallon safety can, is accounted for. There is no service station anywhere nearby and no sign of a parked delivery vehicle. You have absolutely no idea where the smell is coming from. It’s a puzzling dilemma and you feel stymied. Take heart, for you are not alone. You are probably faced with L.U.S.T. Not the type of which cheap pocket novels are made, but rather leaking underground storage tanks, a growing national problem. All across America, these…

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