Hollywood Training

Issue 9 and Volume 138.

Hollywood Training DEPARTMENTS Training Notebook The 1 3/4-inch attack line was pulled to the base of Fire Station No. 2’s stairway and flaked out prior to advancing up the stairs to the fire location. Outside, two 35-foot extension ladders were put in position for firefighters to climb onto the roof in anticipation of venting operations. Another company was covering furniture in the front office with salvage covers. Another fire station fire? No, a training session simulating a fire in the second floor of the fire station. The need for training, quality training, will never go away. Regardless of the multitude of other projects and programs heaped upon the firefighters from above, training is a necessity for firefighter survival. As Ron Coleman, chief of the Fullerton, CA, Fire Department, recently said, “Nothing that we can say or do, nor anything that we can give to the survivors of a firefighter will…

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