Issue 9 and Volume 138.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR DEPARTMENTS Some considerations before purchasing large diameter hose There are no things in our world that are pure black or pure white, but rather all have varying shades of gray. Roger Lunt paints large diameter hose (LDH) as a panacea in his article “A Case in Support of Large Diameter Hose” (FIRE ENGINEERING, June 1985). He points out all of the advantages but none of the disadvantages of LDH. In order to make an informed decision, you must balance the advantages with the disadvantages. Some fire service personnel might infer from the article that there is no limit to the diameter of a supply line. You cannot assume that you just purchase the diameter of hose needed to move the required quantity of water over the required distance. There are many other factors that must be taken into consideration. We must not lose sight of firefighting…

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