Cost-effective backup alarms add to safety

Issue 9 and Volume 138.

Cost-effective backup alarms add to safety DEPARTMENTS Dispatches Last year, 117 firefighters died in the line of duty, a 5.5% increase over 1983. And, according to statistics, a large number of these firefighter deaths and injuries are the result of vehicle accidents (see “Incident Command,” FIRE ENGINEERING, December 1984). Although numerous seminars, articles, and training sessions cover the safe handling of fire apparatus, even the best chauffeur can miss seeing an exhausted brother firefighter inadvertently stumble into the path of a maneuvering apparatus. One safety precaution that could help alleviate some potential vehicle-related accidents on the fireground, training ground, and in the fire station is a backup alarm on the apparatus. The Margaretta Twp. Fire Department, Castalia, OH, devised a very effective backup alarm system at minimum cost to the department. The basic equipment includes: One 12-volt auto horn; One 12-volt horn relay; One 12-volt turn signal flasher unit; 12-gage…

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