In-Water Firefighting Units

Issue 10 and Volume 138.

In-Water Firefighting Units FEATURES RESCUE TECHNIQUES Some of the most difficult fires to fight tactically are pier fires. Incidents of this type are also costly in terms of manpower, equipment, and overtime. Although basically a barn fire that requires large amounts of water, coupled with an efficient and effective firefighting effort, the frustration lies in the difficulty (at best) or the inability (at worst) of land lines to reach the wood pilings under the pier. Often, these wood pilings are coated with petroleum product(s) (creosote), which gives off thick, toxic, black smoke when it burns. The wind, usually blowing off the water, pushes burning products at advancing fire forces. Cellar pipes and distributors can be effective—assuming, of course, that we are able to cut through the thick wooden pier and get these devices into operation well before the fire reaches and passes our point of entry. We must remember too…

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