Issue 10 and Volume 138.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR DEPARTMENTS Protecting all lives first, then property, is a responsibility of the fire service and just plain common sense Many Philadelphians agree with your editorial “Bravo, Commissioner Richmond” (FIRE ENGINEERING, June 1985). It was accurately aimed at the heart of the MOVE matter. The strategy of placing lives over property seems rooted in logic and common sense. Unfortunately, rational thinking and good judgement are not requirements of having an opinion or being a critic. Lastly, if critics, news reporters, and politicians treated their stories and constituents like Commissioner Richmond treats his profession and his firefighters, there would be a decrease in sensationalism and a noticeable increase in objectivity. Bill Shouldis Captain Philadelphia Fire Department Philadelphia, PA I can’t tell you how good your editorial in the June 1985 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING made me feel. The reason being that yours is a respected trade journal that…

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