Commercial Roof Insulation: An Old Headache Gets Worse

Issue 10 and Volume 138.

Commercial Roof Insulation: An Old Headache Gets Worse DEPARTMENTS Training Notebook Think back to the last time you were operating on the roof of a taxpayer or factory building. You finally got the saw started, cut a 4 X 8 hole, peeled back the roof, and NOTHING! You hadn’t even penetrated the roof deck itself! Sound familiar? If you haven’t experienced this situation yet, it probably won’t be too long until you do. For those of us who have run into these problems and were left shaking our heads and wondering why, this article will attempt to provide some answers. The biggest part of the problem described above is the type of roof insulation applied to the roof in question., Cutting a flat roof used to be somewhat simple. You had a horizontal surface to work on, and, as long as the fire had not done too much damage, you…

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