Issue 10 and Volume 138.

EQUIPMENT DIGEST DEPARTMENTS New fire boot The Servus Rubber Company is introducing a new fire boot called the Firebreaker. The lining is made of a highly flame-retardant blend of Kelvar-Nomex, and has a high insulation value. The Firebreaker will withstand up to 20,000 volts of electricity, according to tests. The boot also features Metaguard, which provides additional protection for the metatarsal area, but is flexible so it won’t constrain movement. Circle No. 10 on Reader Service Card Portable radio Regency Land Mobile Inc. introduces the Wilson Mini-Com II portable radio, which helps the firefighter communicate at the fire scene. It features multi-channel access, so you can reach up to six channels in VHF and four channels in UHF and Low Band. In addition, the Wilson portable is compatible with almost all two-way radio systems and can expand its capabilities to fit your changing needs. Circle No. 101 on Reader Service…

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