Radio Communications on the Fireground

Issue 12 and Volume 138.

Radio Communications on the Fireground FEATURES COMMUNICATIONS Since the development of organized firefighting in the United States, there has been a need for effective fireground radio communications. Unfortunately, this is one area that is too often ignored. Incident radio communications is a vital ingredient for the successful outcome of any fire or emergency incident. In the years following World War II, fire departments across the nation began to equip their apparatus and support units with twoway radios. Advanced technology has greatly improved the radio in the last 40 years. The large tube sets of yesteryear have evolved into the micro-electronic units now in service. The radio has emerged as a most vital tool in the modern fire service arsenal. From the start of an incident, radio communications will set the tone for the entire operation. Incident radio communications is not, nor can it be, a one-way street. In order to…

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