Lighting the Fireground

Issue 12 and Volume 138.

Lighting the Fireground Volunteers Corner Each year, the number of firefighters injured in the line of duty increases. Safety of personnel at the fire scene, during both extinguishment and overhaul, is a growing concern. One common sense, and often overlooked, solution to this problem is using adequate lighting for the area in question so that operations can be performed more safely. The problem of providing adequate lighting is often affected by geography and population, but seldom can one find a fire department that is able to adequately illuminate the entire fireground. Larger cities often have a special unit that lights the front of the building; however, firefighters operating at the rear or sides work in the dark. Smaller departments may have lights mounted on a vehicle or a few movable lights, but usually not enough to cover the entire scene. How many night fire photos show adequate lighting? Adequate lighting…

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