A Christmas Past, A Fire Service Present

Issue 12 and Volume 138.

A Christmas Past, A Fire Service Present DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION As yet another year draws all too quickly to a close, we tend to find ourselves reminiscing about past events and ruminating future decisions. And for some of us, the memories of 1985 may not be pleasant ones. As a whole, the fire service was hard hit with an extraordinary number of fires on both the west and the east coasts. We’ve also suffered several black eyes in the public opinion arena. Two from a populace who, rightly so, feels that life and property take precedence over the payment of fire protection fees; and another from civilians who mistakenly believe that donning turnout gear renders firefighters impervious to flying bullets. Department-wise, some of us may have been hard hit by municipal cutbacks. Personally, we have all been hard hit, tried to the limits of our endurance this year and every…

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