Fire Prevention Efforts Can Avert Destruction

Issue 4 and Volume 139.

Fire Prevention Efforts Can Avert Destruction Fifty years ago, when a stable (barn) caught fire, it was a loss to the individual farmer. His closest neighbor might be a quarter-mile down the road and fairly well protected from fire spread. Today, there are thousands of suburban communities where horse stables, designed to architecturally match the homes they sit behind, line the backyards, wooden fences abutting similar structures, creating the danger of widespread damage should a structure catch fire. Photo by Steve Geraghty More than ever before, horses are a part of the American suburban scene. In 1880, there were 11million horses in the United States. In 1905 (the year that the Ford Motor Company first entered the commercial vehicle field) there were 17-million horses in the nation. With the motorcar firmly entrenched in our society, the horse population in 1921 stood at 20-million, and by 1980, this number had doubled.…

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