Dive/Rescue Series: Rescue vs. Recovery

Issue 4 and Volume 139.

Dive/Rescue Series: Rescue vs. Recovery FEATURES RESCUE A carload of teenagers out for a joyride drive off a pier, plunging into 15 feet of cold, dark, murky water (black water). Rescue units are called to the scene. It is immediately determined that the exact point of vehicle entry is known; the victims have been underwater for 22 minutes; the water temperature is 63°F; and diver visibility will be between zero and six inches. Question: Is there a chance of making a rescue? Not just a recovery, but a rescue? Answer: Most definitely—with the proper training and procedures. This article begins a series on dive/rescue training methods and techniques that can be used for operating in black as well as white water (clear water). RESCUE vs. RECOVERY Since rescue is the theme, let’s start by discussing just what a rescue means as opposed to a recovery. A rescue is a save,…

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