Managing Fatal Fires

Issue 4 and Volume 139.

Managing Fatal Fires Training Notebook Death is a condition that firefighters live with on a daily basis. It is a reality that occurs in both career and volunteer firefighting. According to published reports, in 1984, fire-related deaths claimed 5,357 people in the United States. This included 117 firefighters. Each one of these deaths, an average of almost 15 per day, were all managed with varying degrees of success. Very little has been written on managing fatal fires. While the subject is touched on in many incident command courses, it is rarely analyzed in detail. In this article, 1 will discuss how you can prepare yourself to better handle fatal fire situations. IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING The key word is planning. If you prepare for a fatal fire before it occurs, you will be able to manage it more effectively. It is tempting to say that fatal fires always happen somewhere else,…

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