Controlling Pesticide Incidents Part 2

Issue 4 and Volume 139.

Controlling Pesticide Incidents Part 2 DEPARTMENTS Volunteers Corner In the first article on pesticide fires (see Volunteers Corner, FIRE ENGINEERING, February 1986), I discussed how to identify the product and the safety precautions to take at the scene. This segment will cover: Confining the products, Controlling the fire, Post-incident operations. Confining the products Confining these dangerous commodities can present several unusual situations. In addition to safeguarding people and property, you will also have to protect the soil, any nearby surface water, the water table, and the air, if possible. In order to control the incident, you may have to use involved procedures, such as building lined pits to collect runoff or covering dusts or powders with plastic sheeting to eliminate blowing in the wind. In some cases, simpler procedures, such as building dikes across a doorway or around a storm sewer opening, may be sufficient. Pesticides that require control may…

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