Sulfuric Acid (and Oleum)

Issue 6 and Volume 139.

Sulfuric Acid (and Oleum) FEATURES HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Chemical Data Notebook Series: This is the first in an ongoing series of articles that will attempt to cover every facet of between 100 and 150 chemicals which represent 95% of the volume of chemicals transported and used in this country. The articles will describe the physcial and chemical properties, as well as the hazards presented by each substance. Suggestions on and safety precautions in responding to and mitigating an incident involving each chemical will also be offered. It is hoped that this series will assist fire departments in preparing their own hazardous material reference guide. On page 37 is a blank hazardous materials data sheet. This sheet should be taken out, copied, and the information filled in after studying the chemical. By saving each data sheet in a loose-leaf binder, you won’t have to search through several reference sources to get the…

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