Update of the Fire Flow Formula

Issue 6 and Volume 139.

Update of the Fire Flow Formula STRATEGY AND TACTICS The Model Incident Command System Series: You pull up to a two-story taxpayer with stores on the first floor and apartments on the second. Fire is showing in one of the middle storefronts. In addition to the attack lines, you’ll need protection lines to cover at least the three adjacent primary exposures (the two stores on either side and the apartment directly above the fire store). The firefighters are already pulling hose and getting into position. You have to start water. How many gallons per minute should you be prepared to deliver on the attack line(s)? On the exposure streams? Remember the formula: Needed Fire Flow (gpm) = {(LWH / 100 X Occupancy Factor) + Exposure Charge) X % Involvement The questions start racing through your mind: What are the dimensions of the building? Thirty feet wide, 100 feet long, 20…

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