Training Hints

Issue 6 and Volume 139.

Training Hints When the safe second octopus concept was first introduced, the exhalation port was removed from the backup unit. The only purpose served by the exhalation port is that it keeps the exhaled bubbles out of the diver’s line of vision. In addition, in black water an exhalation port can be mistaken for a mouthpiece. With it removed, there is now only one mouthpiece-like unit that can enter the mouth. Never drag the safe second mouthpiece behind the diver or in a place where it could be difficult to find in a split second. Take a snorkel keeper and backfeed it through itself leaving one end open to put the mouthpiece through. Attach this unit near the midsection of the front of your body so it will be available for easy access. The safe second will not fall out during the dive, but will pull out or rip the…

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