The Mything Link in Fire Protection

Issue 6 and Volume 139.

The Mything Link in Fire Protection FEATURES FIRE PROTECTION Trying to persuade someone to adopt your point of view is tough enough, but trying to persuade someone who firmly believes a contrary myth is nearly impossible. And the fire protection field is fraught with myths. Some are believed only by civilians, the truth being understood by firefighters; others are believed by both civilians and firefighters, the fallacy of a few being the focus of this article. BUILDING/FIRE PROTECTION CODES If a structure was built to the latest code, it shouldn’t have any problems. Right? Wrong. Codes, in effect, represent written compromises between opposing viewpoints (you can install fewer exits if you have the building sprinklered); and at least some code provisions are inspired by influence exerted on and economic interests of code-making authorities. Codes are voted on in meetings at various levels and subjected to the political process in all…

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