Vertical Stokes Lower via a Roof System

Issue 6 and Volume 139.

Vertical Stokes Lower via a Roof System FEATURES RESCUE TECHNIQUES Consider this situation: A multiple alarm fire in a six-story structure has rendered the interior staircase and fire escape unusable. A severely injured fire victim, who had been taken to the roof, must now be evacuated. Due to the still ongoing firefight and the limited number of fire personnel, only three firefighters are available to execute a removal of the victim via Stokes basket and rope. Consider another incident: A mountain climber suffering from a bad fall must be lowered off the side of a cliff in a Stokes basket. The narrow area and rugged terrain allows for a minimum number of rescue personnel at the scene. Only after all other avenues of escape have been eliminated should we attempt a rope rescue, as removing victims from above (or below) grade level requires special consideration and training to avoid causing…

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