An Effective Braking System For Your Apparatus

Issue 6 and Volume 139.

An Effective Braking System For Your Apparatus FEATURES APPARATUS Most firefighting apparatus gear ratios in the main automatic transmission than do regular trucks and trucktractors. The more powerful engine and high horsepower-toweight ratio found in fire apparatus provide excellent road travel performance using a less expensive four-speed automatic transmission. However, a fire truck with a four-speed automatic will not slow down as efficiently when the engine retarder is in the “On” position, as will a similar truck that is equipped with a fivespeed or higher transmission. We’ve been taught never to force an upshift or a downshift in an automatic transmission. The driver is supposed to select a range and stay in it until he drops the speed to a crawl or comes to a stop. Well, there’s exceptions to every rule. In this article, 1 will discuss the ways you can get the maximum use out of both the…

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