LEADERSHIP and the Fire Service

Issue 7 and Volume 139.

LEADERSHIP and the Fire Service FEATURES MANAGEMENT Army General Omar Bradley once said “Leadership is graded by the achievement of the led.” If the “led” are performing at their optimum and they feel good about their work, then it is only reasonable to conclude that their leader is doing a superior job. But how is he doing it? What is he doing that the poor or average leader is not? As a member of the fire service, you have undoubtedly worked with, or under, various leaders and leadership styles. Some were good and some were bad. In this article we will discuss the most effective leadership styles and how you can make them work for you. “PEOPLE-ORIENTED” ACTIVITIES First, let’s identify some of the more important and time-consuming “people-oriented” activities that you as fire chief must perform. How you perform these activities is dictated by your management style. And, your…

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