Issue 7 and Volume 139.

COMPUTERISED RECORD KEEPING FEATURES COMPUTERS More Efficient Inspections, Pre-Fire Plans Consider this situation: You’re a member of a small city fire department and have been assigned to do building inspections between fire calls. Scheduled for inspection is the Pay & Pray Cafe. According to its inspection file, the cafe had a previous violation for an uncharged fire extinguisher. However, from the poorly lighted exit sign to the grease-encrusted filters over the cooking area, it’s apparent that several other violations either cropped up since the last inspection or got misfiled or lost amidst the paperwork. Just as you begin examining and noting the various fire hazards, an alarm comes in. You rejoin your unit and respond to the fire. By the time the incident is under control and overhauling operations completed, your shift is finished. Three weeks later, you receive a report of a working fire at the Pay & Pray…

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