Issue 7 and Volume 139.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR DEPARTMENTS Be realistic in your expectations of yourself The 65-year-old volunteer firefighter was rushed to the hospital, but the (heart) attack proved fatal.” Other than knowing that he was checking for roof brands, the Passaic conflagration article in the November 1985 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING tells us nothing more about this individual. Perhaps he was a marathon runner. While my comments may seem unfair in this instance with so little knowledge, I believe that somewhere in the fire service my message will strike home. In 1976, the International Association of Fire Fighters prepared the Firefighter Mortality Report—the saddest book that you’ll ever read. It detailed the circumstances of 101 firefighter deaths as they occurred sequentially across the country. Heart attack deaths after age 45 numbered 40, while fire suppression and other duty deaths numbered 11 and 4, respectively. Seven of these heart attacks occurred in individuals…

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