Roof Simulator Improves Training

Issue 7 and Volume 139.

Roof Simulator Improves Training DEPARTMENTS Training Notebook Timely and effective roof ventilation is crucial to successful structural firefighting. It requires not only stamina, but considerable skill and training to vent the roof safely. Ordinarily, to teach, drill, and evaluate a firefighter’s ability in this area, an abandoned building with a roof that is substantial enough to safely work on is found. Since it can be very difficult to locate the “right” structure, personnel consequently receive varying degrees of hands-on experience. Along with Lieutenant Rob Amove, also part of the recruit training staff of the Metropolitan-Dade County Fire Department in Miami, FL, we devised a simple, low cost, and fairly realistic simulator to help recruits develop roof ventilation skills and techniques. Basically, the simulator is a wooden roof built on top of the Alamo (the burn building at the Southeast Florida Academy of Fire Science). It consists of a 16 *…

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