Who’s Really Liable?

Issue 7 and Volume 139.

Who’s Really Liable? DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION Responding and returning, one of the categories in which firefighter death and injury statistics are recorded annually, is one of our most frustrating lists because it can be so easily controlled and reduced by department policy, accountability, education, training, and enforcement within today’s fire service. Since working with the National Fire Academy’s Firefighter Safety and Survival Course and more recently with the New York State Chiefs Association on safety awareness, I have heard story after story from committee members and attendees of injury and near-miss, death-threatening accidents to firefighters responding to and returning from alarms. Each time the scenarios of firefighters riding in unsafe positions, sudden and swift apparatus movements, and speeding over jolting road hazards were similar. Each time the accompanying nods indicated that the individual costly lesson had been learned. But it is not enough! The figures for 1985 show that the…

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