Helicopter Safety for EMS Personnel

Issue 8 and Volume 139.

Helicopter Safety for EMS Personnel Features SAFETY The helicopter is becoming a frequently used tool by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Soon, even the most remote fire department or EMS agency will be in close proximity to a helicopter, which can be used in a variety of ways. HELICOPTER SAFETY Because safety is always the top priority on the fireground or emergency scene, it is imperative that ground emergency personnel learn the rules of survival when working around helicopters. They must know how to protect themselves, bystanders, and patients. In addition, EMS personnel must be trained and knowledgeable in order to use helicopters to their maximum advantage. So, here is a discussion on basic helicopter “ground rules.” Variables Remember that helicopters vary greatly depending on manufacturer, model, etc. The helicopter at your emergency scene may be military or civilian. It may be permanently equipped for its current job—EMS, for example—or…

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