Ammonium Nitrate

Issue 9 and Volume 139.

Ammonium Nitrate HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Chemical Data Notebook Series: Usually a white solid that is very soluble in water, ammonium nitrate is principally used as a fertilizer—but, once involved in an incident, can present many serious hazards. PROPERTIES/APPEARANCE There are many grades of ammonium nitrate and, depending on the additives that may be present, the color can vary from off-white to brown. The Department of Transportation (DOT) classifies ammonium nitrate as an oxidizer, and it is very efficient in supporting combustion. Ammonium nitrate is used to increase the brisance of some explosives, and is a major ingredient in blasting agents where it is mixed with combustible materials, usually fuel oil. When ammonium nitrate blasting agents are shipped, they are usually referred to as nitro-carbo-nitrates (NCN). Ammonium nitrate is also used in the manufacture of solid rocket propellants, medicines, matches, fireworks, insecticides, herbicides, nitrous oxide, and several other materials. IDENTIFICATION The chemical…

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