Issue 10 and Volume 139.

MANUFACTURERS’ LITERATURE New price catalog Whelen Engineering Company Inc. introduces its new price catalog, which now combines a full-line descriptive catalog and a separate price list insert. The catalog covers their complete line of automotive and industrial products. Circle No. 65 on Reader Service Card Buoyancy equipment brochure The standard range of underwater lifting bags manufactured by J.W. Automarine is illustrated in their four-color brochure. The brochure provides an insight into some of the many and varied operations that these flotation and buoyancy devices are used in. It includes: tables, material specifications/users guide, etc. Circle No. 66 on Reader Service Card Haz-mat equipment catalog Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA’s) complete line of personal protective equipment for hazardous materials applications is highlighted in a new, 12-page, color bulletin. “First Team Products for Ha/.Mat Protection” contains general descriptions of more than 35 types of safety and health products designed specifically for hazardous…

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