Activism or Terrorism?

Issue 10 and Volume 139.

Activism or Terrorism? DEPARTMENTS EDITOR’S OPINION Speeding seemed to be more tolerated than ever along New York City’s Grand Central Parkway. Tolerated may be a poor description for the workload of Motorcycle 3’s skeleton force on duty in the summers of the late 1960s. The motorists couldn’t see the patrol cars, but we could. They were with us in every firehouse of Brooklyn, NY’s Brownsville area. During those riot-torn times, each responding fire truck had a police vehicle assigned to shadow it through the blighted streets run after run, conflagration after conflagration. Gunfire and severely injured firefighters, hit with rocks, bottles, and homemade anti-personnel weapons were not uncommon. As a matter of fact, the entire experience of civil unrest was overlooked by the political factions and the news media during Mayor John V. Lindsay’s Administration. Confusion was etched in the faces of the frustrated police officers who were condemned for…

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