The Medevac Helicopter A Vital EMS Resource

Issue 12 and Volume 139.

The Medevac Helicopter A Vital EMS Resource APPARATUS “Air Rescue One, the patient is ready for transport.” “Roger. Notify the hospital that our ETA is eight minutes.” As providers of emergency medical service (EMS), we in the fire service are obligated, in the interest of patient care, to utilize all necessary resources at an incident scene. With over 150 dedicated EMS helicopters in service around the country, many fire departments and other public agencies now have access to an additional resource, the “air ambulance.” Since the Korean War, the helicopter has provided safe, rapid transportation for the sick and injured. In recent years, the helicopter has evolved into a sophisticated airborne ambulance. Properly trained and equipped, helicopter crew members have the capability to administer definitive medical care both on the scene and en route to a treatment facility. Medical studies indicate a significant improvement in survival rates of accident victims…

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