Hydrogen Peroxide

Issue 2 and Volume 140.

Hydrogen Peroxide FEATURES HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Chemical Data Notebook Series: Hydrogen peroxide, a colorless liquid with an acute irritating odor and sharp taste, is totally soluble in water. It may be shipped as nearly pure product, in solutions in water as low as 3%, and in varying concentrations in between. Obviously, the more concentrated the solution, the more hazardous the product, and even the dilute solution of 3% can cause problems. IDENTIFICATION Hydrogen peroxide’s molecular formula is H2O2. Note that when compared to the formula for water (H2O), there is an extra atom of oxygen in the hydrogen peroxide molecule. H-O-H H-O-O-H water hydrogen peroxide It is this extra atom of oxygen that is responsible for the chemical’s hazards. The molecular weight of hydrogen peroxide is 34.0 and its specific gravity is 1.41. Hydrogen peroxide boils at 302°F and decomposes, liberating water and oxygen. Its freezing point of 31.3°F is very…

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